Working with Martin

I can help you explore and address the root of your emotional blockage and find the balance between change and acceptance. Through one-to-one video sessions, I take an intuitive, empathetic, whole-person approach focused on healing, reclaiming your power, and inner growth.

How does talking help?

Not everyone is ready to talk: some don’t yet have the stamina or courage to look into their lives.
But in my experience, it is important to address emotional issues. Talking about them speeds up recovery, and is assisted by breaking down common barriers and fears of opening up, which we can easily achieve when we have trust.

While your situation and feelings are unique, your struggles will likely have a common root: how you see yourself. Others have told you what to think, feel and do all your life. Now it is your turn to be OK with who you are.
I will direct you to your resources and capabilities: the heart of your long-lasting healing. You are responsible for your change. I will give you 100% and walk alongside you all the way. I expect you to give the same to yourself.

Some common challenges I help people with include:

Overthinking, intrusive thoughts and uncontrollable emotions, and trauma, triggered by events, physical harm or illness.
Self-image and confidence.
Emotions like fear, grief, sadness, stress, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, guilt or procrastination.
Existential question such as “why am I here?”, “what’s my purpose?” feelings of not belonging.
Events or situations like relationships, children, family, infertility, abuse, work/career, instability, navigating uncertainty and rocky times.

What has been holding you back from talking?

Do you think needing help is a sign of weakness because you should have all the answers? Perhaps you have tried talking to someone before but not got the results you wanted. It might be that most of the time you keep on top of things so you’re afraid that talking will just stir up stuff and make it worse. You may have convinced yourself, or been convinced by others, that you cannot change or get better. What if you bring things out into the open and then can’t deal with them? How can an outsider like me, who doesn’t know what it’s like to be you, help?
What can you expect from talking?
It is normal to feel confused, ashamed or a failure if you are unhappy and don’t understand why.
You may think you should know what the problem is and how to explain it, but that’s often not the case, so share what you can, and leave the rest up to me.
The mind doesn’t like change, so even if you welcome it, there will be resistance which we can overcome with understanding and compassion in a way that works for you.
Whatever you share, no matter how unbelievable or embarrassing, never for a moment will you feel judged or criticised by me. I use the tools best suited to your situation and preference, which could include intuitive, empathetic, psycho-spiritual and visualisation.
How long will it take to feel better?
The time it takes for you to feel better will depend on where you start from and want to end up, but I aim to help you make progress within a few sessions. We will set goals and work towards them, step by step, going at your pace. You will be free to choose and do what you want, independent of me or anyone else.
Making sure we’re a good fit.
You and I need to feel we are compatible to work together. I only work with people committed and ready for honesty and change.
If this sounds like you, book a ‘try before you commit’ session, where we learn about each other, you can ask any questions, and find out how we’ll work together.
How do we meet?
Zoom is the most common platform, but I use others like Skype, Facetime or hone. What’s most important is your privacy.

Please book your session below , payments are in advance with a 24 hour cancellation availability .