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Martin holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is qualified in counselling and Empowerment Coaching. He is a qualified Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and in Hypnotherapy. He is qualified as a Firewalk Instructor and a Timeline Therapist and utilises his intuitive abilities for healing and spiritual knowledge.

He has travelled to India, Africa and America to gain knowledge and wisdom in his field. Martin has 30 years of experience in professional coaching, self and team development, and mentoring, which spans both personal and business clients.

Martin is the inspiration behind ‘The Principles’, a map and compass for personal change and self-development, which was born out of his experiences of navigating through the rocky parts of his life. ‘The Principles’ help people gain long-term relief from stress, anxiety and depression.

In Martin’s words, “My insights and revelations for ‘The Principles’ fuelled my imagination as if the dark caves of my mind were suddenly illuminated”. With his strong belief in the curative power of the mind, Martin put into practice everything he had learned.

In his quest to understand his suffering and himself, Martin has drawn his knowledge from the West and the East, including Neuro Linguistics, psychotherapy, psychology, Eastern philosophies, spirituality and intuitive healing.

The Principles: A spiritual solution to every problem

“As far back as I can remember, I felt isolated and misunderstood. I struggled with seemingly insurmountable obstacles to happiness and encountered endless adversities and setbacks. Surely there had to be more to life than ceaseless uncertainty, worry and overwhelm? Life had become unbearable – I was suffering from despair, chronic anxiety and bouts of depression, and giving up was all I could think of. I pleaded for answers.

What happened next I can only describe as an immense blessing and privilege. I received divine instruction and warm-hearted wisdom from spiritual instructors, angels and masters – who showed me how to survive the emotional difficulties and misfortunes of life.
These disincarnate souls demonstrated extraordinary familiarity with the minutiae of my life as if they were watching over me. Their guidance was a blend of tough love, empathy, non-judgement, reassurance and unconditional compassion, as well as light-heartedness at the follies of being human. They had a clear and important message for me and humanity on how to overcome our problems, which is committing to:
Self-knowledge – knowing who and what we are and why we are here?
Self-love – love is the creation of all things. Everything begins with self-love.
Self-responsibility – taking responsibility for our own experiences and actions.
Self–empowerment – taking charge of our own life and understanding what we want. Knowing we are all equal and finding our intrinsic courage.
Self–truth – living from truth and authenticity. Challenging preconditions and assumptions.
Their divine instruction gave birth to “The Principles.” which actually originate from within us all that is: candid, compassionate and courageous. This inner wisdom lifts the veil of the deceit of believing we should do what others say and that we have no heart or mind of our own. However, achieving this requires being open-hearted and ready to be pulled out of our comfort zone.

Martin’s mission: waking up the world, one soul at a time

Human beings are a system of mind, body and soul, designed to self-regulate and heal. Yet we are also creatures of habit. Hypnotised, controlled and manipulated by all kinds of external forces, influences and stressors, many of us sleepwalk through life. We have been collectively conditioned into drowning out our intuition – the in-built guidance system that keeps us safe from harm – and believing that we are somehow separate from the rest of the world. 

But everything is energy, and our minds are the root of our problems. Through our thoughts, emotions and intentions, we co-create our shared reality by sending ripples throughout the biofield – the matrix that connects our physical, emotional and mental dimensions.  We are all one, and the interplay with the biofield impacts everything in the universe. 

What we call “intuition” is data transmitted through vibrations, and we tune into the frequency of our emotions like radio stations. Lower vibrations are associated with negative qualities such as fear, reactivity and anger, while higher vibrations are associated with positive feelings and experiences, such as gratitude, patience and joy. Some people, places and things raise our energy, while others deplete it – but we can all choose our frequency, The first step to raising our vibrations is becoming conscious of our thoughts – many of which have been conditioned from birth – and by changing our perceptions, prejudices, choices and reactions, change our individual and collective reality. 

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