Who or what controls your thoughts and emotions?

We are all capable of great connection, compassion, empathy, wisdom and strength. But for many of us, overthinking and the struggle to conquer negative feelings – anger, rejection, fear, unworthiness, emptiness, overwhelm – are a feature of daily life. 

Why do we put our happiness and self-esteem in the hands of others instead of treasuring ourselves? Why do we feel the need to justify our opinions, feelings and actions to those who criticise or misunderstand us, or seek to please those who don’t have our best interests at heart? 

What if, instead of being enslaved to our thoughts and emotions, we could harness them to our own advantage? 

About Martin

Martin takes a gentle, enquiring, psychospiritual approach to helping people identify the true source of their pain, make change, find peace and let go of old beliefs and behaviours, instilled by others, that no longer serve them.

Martin’s Blog

Many of us simply go through the motions of life, indulging in endless distractions to avoid feelings such as emptiness and fear, or pretend everything is fine. We may even lose sight of who we really are. So how can we reconnect with our soul and intuition, silence the inner critic instilled in us by others, and live life authentically? 

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Is Overthinking Ruling Your Life?

Do you find yourself worrying about things beyond your control, or what might happen based on historical experience? Do you struggle to get past emotions such as anger and fear? Do you keep rehashing old conversations and arguments, or find repetitive thoughts keep you awake at night? Do you tend to react rather than choose how to respond? Do you suppress your feelings, fear rejection or avoid confrontation based on patterns internalised in childhood? If so, Martin’s eBook, “Stop Overthinking” is for you. 

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One-to-one sessions with Martin


Our sense of “self” is constructed through our experiences of the world. Changing our beliefs about ourselves, and our identification with those beliefs, is the first step to emotional healing. 

Martin can help you explore and address the root of your emotional blockage and find the balance between change and acceptance. Through one-to-one video sessions, Martin takes an intuitive, empathetic, whole-person approach focused on healing, reclaiming your power, and inner growth. 

Martin’s Testimonials


Martin reminds me of a light worker: he is someone who you trust to lead you through your place of darkest fear, fear that diminishes your sense of who you are, and who will then help you find a place of peace, where you can see who you could be if you let fear dissipate.


Kala Patel
Parent, Entrepreneur, OBE
I highly recommend Martin’s work and insights, as he is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and talented professional coach, mentor, counsellor and therapist.
Angeline David
Parent, Head of Psychology at International school
Martin helped me enormously after the death of my son, and I would recommend him to you as someone of unique insight and sensitivity and understanding of human need, frailty and pain, and he will quite definitely help you find ways to overcome what you’re going through and feel more yourself again.
Jackie Ridsdale
Parent, Retired Educational Psychologist
Martin has incredible skills to be able to help someone open up and discuss their issues. Despite all that I’ve gone through, I felt I knew I can trust him. When I first met Martin, my life had gone completely pear-shaped and I wasn’t myself at all. I no longer had my career. I no longer had my mum. I no longer had the body that I was used to having. And my partner was seriously ill. Martin very gradually, gently and calmly helped me to unpick each of those individual events that have happened to me, the ones that caused my house of cards to collapse.
Rose Whitaker
Child Psychologist
Among Martin’s many gifts is his ability to teach us how to practice self-compassion – the type of unconditional kindness and acceptance we may have been denied by our care-givers, however well-intentioned, in our formative years. Inspired by both eastern and western approaches, “Stop Overthinking” is packed with insights from Martin’s lived experience, and his vulnerability and authenticity make for highly relatable reading. Whether you are living with deep-seated emotional pain or on a journey to greater self-awareness to break free of unconscious, self-limiting beliefs, you’ll find “Stop Overthinking” an enlightening, liberating and empowering read
Kate Spencer

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