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The Principles Triumph in Life with Martin Pring

Stressed ?


Depressed ?

If you are then please spend a few moments learning how I found happiness after years of
chronic mental meltdown

Hello .. I'm Martin

By the age of 15, I contemplated suicide. I cant say I had parents, but guardians. From birth abandoned by my Mother, due to mental illness and emotionally abused by my Father. My struggles with anxiety and depression lasted years.

By 21, things were intolerable. My first long term partner had an affair and divorced me six months after our marriage. My tutors told me to give up on education and get a manual job. My self esteem at rock bottom, my insecurities through the roof.

Believing in the curative ability of my mind, I experienced a welcome and tangible shift in my mindset. My life made sense to me and I had gained the tools and insight to improve myself and year on year ever since, I never looked back and continue to learn more each today.

From what seemed impossible, became something I took in my stride. I was grateful I found something within that inspired me to keep going. The Principles were born out of my journey and remain something I dedicate my life to.

Want to feel happy?

But worrying about things like...... How…..??

Do I overcome this bad patch and know whats the right thing to do?
Can I stop it taking over my life and causing trust issues?
Can I stop thinking about the bad things others did to me?
Do I feel happy, calm and settled again?
Do I gain control over my negative thinking and worries?
Can I stop my anger, sadness and feeling powerless?
Do I stop feeling confused and muddled about my life?
Do I find trust that things will be ok and be clear about my future?
Try the free assessment and learn how to feel more positive!

Because you need to! Feeling unhappy isn't nice at all, so is not knowing what to do and being unsure if you will feel happy again.

So why wait, your return to happiness is around the corner and you will be delighted you took help. You will feel relieved when you offload your worries and see a way forward.

Of course it will work for you? Yes your situation is different from others, but the only way to be sure is find out, right? and that means doing it. Now is a good time sort yourself out.

Sure you are on the fence, and fear what might happen if you do? Thats natural, but
don't fool yourself into thinking your issues will go away if you sweep them under the carpet.

No, you haven't failed if you need help, it as a strength, not a weakness. There are a lot of myths, ignore them and focus on what you need. Ask yourself what is it costing you by not taking advise?

I believe your unhappiness is unnecessary. You deserve to do the things you care about.

Find a professional who has walked their talk and will genuinely understand you. How can they best guide you otherwise. Ask them to share how they got through their darkest moments.

You will know soon enough if you have the right type of help. Trust in yourself.

It's your life, don’t listen to peoples negative opinions. You know what is best for you and only you can take the steps. No one can judge you, only you do

Why The Principles work for you..

I have absolute faith in myself and my work. The Principles saved my life and have done so for many like yourself since. I invite you to join me and enjoy the same benefits

My goal is to build trust between us, so you get the full benefit of the Principles. See me as your guide and a friend, who will walk you through the steps.

The Principles have beed tried and tested for over 20 years and the results they give you are just short of a miracle.

Their structured, step by step approach ensures you are clear of what you want and how to get there. You feel you are making progress every step of the way.

The Principles came form my search for support that was simple, easy to understand and gave me the tools to bring lasting results.

Their success is partly because you already have a lot of the knowledge to improve your life, you just don't know it yet. This means you can call upon this know-how any time you need it.

Because you are at heart of your problem, as well as stress, anxiety and depression, the Principles effectively help with issues like trauma, panic attacks, anger, bereavement, relationships, social anxiety, bullying, self esteem, OCD, loneliness, eating disorders and more.

Probably like you, I tried different methods to improve my mindset, but they didn't get to heart of the issue, they left me wanting, more confused and more desperate than ever.

The Principles helped me discover the missing pieces of the jigsaw, that other support could not. Connecting with my human spirit and loving the way I am, were things I could not find elsewhere. I guess other people hadn't found it for themselves.

You and I either work together face to face or using FaceTime or Skype, this is appealing for those who may not feel comfortable leaving the comfort of ether home.
You normally need a course of 7 sessions over 3 months. Step by step, I gently help you reveal the false beliefs about yourself which cause your negative and obsessive thinking.
Breaking old habits brings your life into balance and feeling in control, optimistic and excited about your future.

Your Steps with Martin

Chat with Martin

Have a little chat with me t feel comfortable moving forward Chat with Martin

Take the free assessment

Get some reassurance about your symptoms, be clear on what they are.

Get reading

Download your free copy of The Principles light ebook and learn how it will help you.

Set your goals

Take your initial session and get clear on the results you want and how the sessions will take you there. Their is no obligation for you to go ahead, it has to be right for you.

Personal sessions / Skype / Online course

Start benefiting from your sessions with Martin, going at your own pace, taking little steps each time .

Continued support

Martin will support you after you successfully achieving your goals.  You will learn more tools to help keep you on track.

I doubted, if I would be able to get through this patch and ever recover, Martin helped me find the strength, courage and ability to do so

Martin is a very gentle, considerate and kind man. I have both benefited and been enriched by our conversations. I feel secure and able to be open with him, even though we have never actually met.

I am able to enjoy life’s moments more completely, now that my chattering, anxious mind has been stilled significantly.

Martin has a fantastic capacity for empathy that extends beyond the cognitive and emotional, into the psychic and spiritual.